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As hunting enthusiasts and Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana, Kurt Puckett and his team are dedicated to offering memorable Guided Elk Hunting and Archery Elk Hunts for their elk clients. Passionate about the wildlife, nature, and the simplicity of the “good old days,” this company is committed to providing each of their clients with an authentic wilderness experience and first class Private Ranch Hunts.

Sage Peak Outfitters offers quality Elk Hunting Guides for your service. They are experienced hunters and outdoorsman who take pride in showing fellow Elk Hunters the “thrill of the chase” in their much loved country. They are chosen to guide with us not only because they exhibit superb ethics in hunting and in their daily lives, but they also have the intense passion and inherent knowledge to guide people of like ambitions. Gratuity is not included in the rates, but is much appreciated by your Elk Hunting Guides, cook, and Elk Hunting Drop Camp tender. 10% to 15% of the cost of your Montana Elk Hunt is normally recommended as a gratuity. We are happy to answer any questions regarding gratuity. Other good resources to talk to are our references, which are provided when you inquire.

Meet Our Guides

Please peruse the Big Game Hunting in Montana guides which Sage Peak Outfitters is proud to employ. Consider this a representation of guides who have hunted with us in the past; they may vary from season to season, but most return to their passion for guiding quality hunters.

Kurt Puckett is Sage Peak Outfitters' Owner/Outfitter (MT License #11224). He has lived and hunted in Montana since 1998. His energy and passion for being a Montana Hunting Guide are complimented by his horsemanship and packing skills. Kurt’s loyalty, honesty and dependability are rivaled by very few Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana as he assists hunters in deciding which Montana Elk Hunt is right for them. He books only those hunters that he feels will suit his hunting operation, and whose expectations are achievable. Kurt guides a hunter each week and he is in camp throughout Montana Hunting Season. Be confident that you can expect first class, quality Wilderness Hunts and Private Land Elk Hunting with Kurt, whose ability to provide each Elk Hunter with guidance based on his or her individual needs makes him the perfect teacher for hunters of any skill level. Please call 406-581-8303 to speak directly with Kurt about your Montana Elk Hunt!

Jeremiah Stephan started guiding elk hunts in New Mexico in 2003 and has been part of Sage Peak Outfitters since 2005. He is an expert tracker who feels at home in the wilderness, and has experience guiding pack trips and Archery Elk Hunts. Horsemanship is another of Jeremiah’s many talents, and he has also been known to chase mountain lions. Jeremiah's extensive outdoor experience and proficiency in the field of Big Game Hunting in Montana are an asset to this Guided Elk Hunting operation.

Ben Van Alstine, a 4th generation Montana native, has always been passionate about hunting and the outdoors. Starting as an Archery Elk Hunting guide for Sage Peak Outfitters in 2006, Ben continues to display cool confidence as an outdoorsman in his own backyard. He guides moose and bear hunts in Alaska and spends his off time Montana Mule Deer Hunting as well as Archery Elk Hunting during Montana Hunting Season. Enthusiasm, an innate capability for Hunting in Montana, and wilderness skills (among many others) make Ben an excellent Hunting Guide Montana for Sage Peak Outfitters.

sageEd Hake is the owner/operator of Canyon Adventures in Big Sky, Montana, and former owner/operator of Sage Peak Outfitters’ wilderness elk camp. Being raised in the Upper Gallatin Canyon near Big Sky gave him the opportunity to work under Vic Benson Sr. (founder of Sage Peak Outfitters’ Wilderness Hunting camp) and Vic Jr. With over 40 years of experience guiding Elk Hunters in the wilderness area, Ed is a wealth of information for those who join us in camp. His passion for this camp and the surrounding area are unmatched. His camp nickname, “Mountain Goat,” is well deserved as the terrain is well suited to his demeanor.

Trent Lister was born and raised in Montana. His specialties are Montana Mule Deer Hunting, hunting Antelope Montana, and Private Land Elk Hunting. He is fervent, good-natured, and able outdoorsman, and all of these qualities make him one of the best Elk Hunting Guides at our Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana. His passion for the outdoors and for the hunt is contagious and he makes each hunter feel comfortable and confident during the chase. He loves coming up with new Elk Hunting Strategies for each Montana Elk Hunt, and always goes the extra mile to make sure each Elk Hunter he works with has a great time and a successful hunt.

Growing up in the Gallatin Valley and riding a horse since he was 4 years old, Mark Haynes spent his summers in the wilderness of southwestern Montana, specifically Sage Creek. Having started to guide in 1987 in Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana, Mark has the confidence to relentlessly pursue his game. Between stints on the U.S. Ski Team, commercial fishing in Alaska, and making beer for Sierra Nevada Brewery, he has been coming back to Montana to pursue his fall passion of chasing down rutting Montana Elk. Mark exudes experience, patience, and passion for the wilderness.

David Tuttle, a former marine, loves living in Montana’s backcountry. His 20 years of experience as a hunter have given him the knowledge and ability to lead successful Montana Elk Hunts, and his personal characteristics make him one of the best Elk Hunting Guides at Sage Peak Outfitters. If you’re looking for a caring and devoted Hunting Guide Montana who has the skills necessary to ensure the success of each Montana Elk Hunt he leads, David Tuttle is the guide for you.

Scott Teaschner owned his first BB gun at age five. Not a day goes by during which hunting and the outdoors are not a part of his life. His love for the West, passion for horses, and his inherent do-it-yourself lifestyle led Scott to backcountry hunting: Wyoming whitetail hunting, antelope hunting Wyoming, and Montana Elk Hunts. His past success in traditional bow hunting and rifle hunting seasons exhibits his know-how to aid in his hunters’ success rates. In addition, Scott’s love for the critters he chases and his natural artistic ability fuels his passion for producing exceptional taxidermy. So he and his wife, Tara, started their Wyoming taxidermy business, Wyoming Wildlife Artistry, in Cody, WY. His life experiences show that Scott is a very well rounded and passionate Hunting Guide.

Vincent Stoltzfus grew up tending to cattle in Colorado’s picturesque Rocky Mountains. As he grew, his love for the outdoors and respect for nature found an outlet in activities like fishing and hunting. With a skill set that includes exceptional hunting and horsemanship abilities and a laid-back demeanor, this hardworking and motivated Hunting Guide Montana is perfect for Elk Hunters of all skill levels.

For almost a quarter of a century, Troy Cowles has been enjoying life as an elk hunting guide and fly fishing guide in the state of Montana. Experience running his own hunting camp in Chile has given him the knowledge and skills to turn any Montana Elk Hunt into a success. In addition to Hunting in Montana, Troy also enjoys Whitetail Hunting Western Montana and spinning tales about Montana Elk Hunts. His colorful stories showcase his enthusiasm for Hunting in Montana and keep campers entertained and excited.

Formerly employed as a wildlife biologist, Gary Knapp has studied animals in places like New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Washington, and Canada. His extensive knowledge of animals like grizzlies, sheep, and even owls can all be applied to his latest profession: Montana Hunting Guide. Gary’s impressive bugling abilities, keen observation skills, and experience Archery Elk Hunting combine to make him a fantastic Hunting Guide Montana, and his sense of humor keeps hunters entertained throughout the chase.

Jerry Taylor has been an avid bowhunter, rifle hunter, and outdoorsman all of his life, and has hunted the Sage Creek drainage on horseback since 1978. He has a vast knowledge of the area we hunt, and his quiet, confident personality make him well suited as a guide for hunters of all levels of intensity.

Jordan Breshears, has grown up big game hunting throughout the Northwest. With a strong passion for all types of big game hunting, Jordan has harvested Pope and Young animals in several western states. In addition to hunting Jordan writes for the popular big game publication Eastmans' Hunting Journal which also includes hunting for Eastmans' Hunting TV. His passion for the pursuit of big game has brought him to a love of guiding and sharing the "hunting" experience on hunts for friends and family and most recently for Sage Peak Outfitters.

Dan Pickar is a Montana native and grew up in a hunting and fishing family. He's as natural a hunter as they come and easily transitioned into becoming a solid and dependable guide who hunts with a passion and tenacity that always rubs off on his clients. Dan has chalked up quite a resume with a degree in Political Science, several summers of wilderness Forest Service work and countless hunting experiences of his own. Always ready to jump in and give a hand, Dan has the pure kind of love for what we do that allowed him to fit into our team. He understands the ethics of fair-chase and has strong convictions for the future of hunting.

Austin Stevens grew up in southern Ohio hunting big Whitetail, waterfowl, and any animal that was in season. From a very young age Austin was passionate about hunting and the outdoors. The love that he has for the sport of hunting is what drives him to do the best job possible in any situation. Austin feels very comfortable in the wilderness because of his experience with guiding pack trips. Austin's horsemanship is another great experience that has helped him in hunting wilderness areas. His love for out west, the sport of hunting and patience is what makes him fit so well into the wilderness hunting.

Michael Buck grew up in Oklahoma hunting white tail and game birds but did not realize his true passion for hunting until he came to Montana and had the opportunity to chase bull elk in the fall. Now when the seasons start to change you will find him high in the mountains following bugles. His knowledge of backcountry camping and wilderness survival skills only compliments his want and need to get into big elk.

Brian Roberts grew up hunting whitetail in southern Ohio at a very young age. Harvesting his first buck at age 9 he was hooked. He began hunting black bear and Russian boar in North Carolina until he was introduced to elk hunting in 2006. Brian and his father made several trip into the flat tops wilderness area in Colorado, having great success. In 2011 Brian moved to Montana. He began guiding wilderness pack trips in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area. Riding the country in the summer for two years makes him very familiar with the area. Horsemanship skills is one of Brian's other talents he has had from a young age as well. The passion and determination that Brian has for hunting in the wilderness makes him an excellent addition to Sage Peak Outfitters.

James Newell, has been relentlessly pursuing Elk of the Rocky Mountains since his college days at MSU. He believes there is nothing greater for someone to experience than the change of the colors in the fall mixed with echoing bugles. A passion for old time values, hard work, horsemanship skills, and a very ambitious attitude, make James a great addition to the Sage Peak Crew.

Nick Bennett is an avid Hunter and Outdoorsman who moved to Montana in 2008 from Ohio. He has hunted and enjoyed the outdoors most of his life. Nick enjoys hunting with both young and experienced hunters alike. Nick has a passion for all types of hunting including Elk, Deer, and Bear. Nick also owns his own Auctioneering company. His packing experience, horsemanship skills, and love for back country hunting makes Nick an asset to Sage Peak Outfitters.

Now that you’re familiar with our guides, browse the site to find out more about the other services we provide. As Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana, we are committed to providing our clients with the best Private Land Elk Hunting and Wilderness Hunting. We also specialize in  Whitetail Hunting in Western Montana and even Antelope Montana hunts. To learn more about Montana Elk Hunting Regulations and the types of Elk Hunting Gear you’ll want to bring with you on our renowned Montana Elk Hunts, browse the site or contact us with any questions you might have!

If you need information about any of our services, please feel free to use our contact form, email us, or call us at 406-581-8303.