Hunting in Montana

There’s nothing wrong with hunting on your own property or your neighbor’s, where you know your surroundings and how to get back. However, there’s also nothing wrong with taking it up a notch and making your favorite pastime a new and exciting adventure. That’s when you go hunting in Montana.

Sage Peak Outfitters specializes in guided hunting trips in the prominent Big Sky Country. We take hunting up a whole new level. Our guides know the terrain, the game, and the sport better than anyone. If you want to experience a true hunt that enraptures you to the core, call us today. No more sitting in front of the television watching the hunting channel and wondering what it would be like…what it would feel like…what you’d do… It’s time for you to get out there and put your hunting skills to the test.

We offer moose, goat, antelope, mule deer hunts, and more on Montana’s ground. Our packages are available to you at a price you can afford; but you can’t put a price tag on an authentic hunting expedition in Montana. There’s no doubt you’ll walk away with more than what you had when you scheduled your trip – a sense of accomplishment, a story to tell for years to come, not to mention, hopefully, a trophy to show off.

No matter the game you wish to hunt in Montana, you’ll have your best shot with Sage Peak Outfitters. Submit an online contact form with any questions or concerns you may have, browse our photo gallery to see the trophies we’re alluding to, and call to book your Montana hunting trip today.

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