Trophy Mule Deer

Big Game

Eastern Montana is known for exciting big game and bird hunting opportunities. Each day being filled with excitement as you spot deer and antelope moving about the prairie and badland areas which incorporate much of eastern Montana. Sharp tail grouse and pheasant flushing at your feet as you experience true spot and stalk hunting tactics.

I have grown up hunting the areas that we hunt in Eastern Montana. My main objective of each hunt is to be sure the client enjoys themselves, part of which is to see game and have an opportunity to stalk that game. We allow the hunter to participate in his own hunt by encouraging them to make suggestions in the stalking of their trophy game. If you hunt with us, you will truly appreciate your trophy and have stories to share with friends and loved ones when you return home.

If you are interested in Mule Deer, Whitetail, Antelope, or Upland Bird hunting then you may wish to come to Eastern Montana and hunt personally with me. This would be a hunt that you would not soon forget, and for very good reasons. You will hunt with myself as your guide and I hunt in a very aggressive way or I can sit for hours on stand. Give me a call and we can discuss trophies and tactics. Thanks. Call or email for more details about our Trophy Mule Deer hunts.