Private Land Elk Hunting

This private ranch land hunt is one of the premier hunting leases in Montana. Whether your interests lie in Montana Elk Hunts, Montana Mule Deer Hunting, Whitetail Hunting Western Montana, or hunting Antelope Montana, Sage Peak Outfitters provides any hunter with quality, first class Guided Hunting Trips. Here’s what it’s like:

Once you arrive in Harrison, our Elk Hunting Guides will greet you and accompany you to your hunting cabin, which is located in a remote corner of the hunting ranch and nestled against the Tobacco Root Mountains. It is here that you will enjoy a livable, modern Montana log cabin home. Along with the clean, plush hunting cabin accommodations, the camaraderie of relaxing around the glow of an evening campfire will entice hunters to share stories from the past and present.

Montana Elk Hunts, Whitetail Hunting Western Montana, Mule Deer Guided Hunts, and Antelope Montana hunts are simultaneously offered on this Montana property which spans 40,000 acres of mountain and ranch land. Depending on the animals you choose to hunt throughout the week, you and your personal Hunting Guide Montana will leave from the cabin either on foot, horseback, or 4×4. This Big Game Hunting in Montana terrain consists of rolling timbered ridges against the Tobacco Roots and slips gently down into vast Montana fields and creek bottoms crowded with bushy willows.

Your homemade, hearty meals are prepared for you in the Montana Hunting Cabin morning and night. Midday, you may decide to stay out on the hunt or to go back to your abode to eat surprisingly satisfying sack lunches with hot, homemade soup.

Wilderness Elk Hunting Itinerary

Wilderness Hunting – Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by Josh or one of Sage Peak Outfitters’s trustworthy Elk Hunting Guides. On the Friday before Montana Elk Hunting Trips, you will spend the night at a cabin in the picturesque wilderness of the Upper Gallatin Canyon, which is just south of Big Sky, Montana. Here, you will enjoy delicious meals and have the opportunity to get to know the Elk Hunting Guides and fellow hunters with whom you’ll be spending your Montana Elk Hunting Trips.

Week-long Guided Elk Hunting adventures begin with a hardy breakfast on Sunday morning. As the Elk Hunting Guides set to work preparing the mules and Elk Hunting Gear, hunters are schooled on the ins and outs of proper horsemanship. This ensures that everyone—regardless of past experience—will be familiar with our way of doing things. Once everyone is ready to go, Elk Hunters and Elk Hunting Guides are ready to make the 3-hour trip to the camp, where they’ll be greeted with a filling meal of soup and sandwiches.

By afternoon, you may have the opportunity to make your first shot. Just a short ride from the camp, you’ll find plenty of wide-open meadows where Montana Elk are common. Here, your Montana Hunting Guide will use common Elk Hunting Strategies to scout out the area. When the first day of your Montana Elk Hunt comes to a close, a hardy, homemade supper will await you back at the cook tent.

You’ll start your Saturday around the breakfast table trading stories of your first day and discussing Elk Hunting Strategies while refueling with an appetizing breakfast. While Hunting in Montana, you’ll learn more tactics that can help you make the kill. Bugling, stalking, and spotting are just a few of the proven strategies that you’ll master during your Montana Elk Hunt. As your guide corresponds with other hunters and Elk Hunting Guides, he’ll formulate a game plan for the rest of your Montana Elk Hunt.

You’ll never have to worry about where your next meal is coming from, as breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided by Sage Peak Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana. Lunches are buffet-style and cooked right on site by the camp cook. Simply select your favorite fare, put it in your sack, and you’ll be ready for the rest of the day. In certain cases, your Montana Hunting Guide might take you back to enjoy a hot lunch at the hunting camp, as well. Once you’ve gotten your fill and had a chance to relax, it’ll be time to head back into the wilderness to hunt for Montana Elk.

The exhilarating atmosphere of a Wilderness Hunt is almost indescribable. With plenty of storytelling, just as much camaraderie, and enough scrumptious meals for everyone, there is never a dull moment. However, the true reward of these Wilderness Hunting trips is the time spent communing with nature and learning to respect and admire the majestic Montana Elk as you wait for that perfect shot. Spend your days in the company of our experienced Elk Hunting Guides as they impart their wisdom, teach you new Elk Hunting Strategies, and help you navigate your way through some of the most breathtaking country you’ve ever seen.

The exciting week comes to an end when you and your Montana Hunting Guide return to the upper Gallatin Canyon to relax and refuel with another masterfully prepared dinner. In the morning on Friday, you’ll eat your breakfast, pack your things, and get ready to return to your regular routine armed with some fantastic stories and even better memories of your Guided Elk Hunting trip.

Wilderness Hunting Camp

At our elk hunting camp, we provide only the best accommodations for our Elk Hunters and Elk Hunting Guides. This clean and comfortable camp will be the home base from which you enjoy Montana Elk Hunting Trips, so we’ve done our best to make it as pleasant as possible. The tents’ mesh floors are specially designed to cover and protect the grass, and are also easy to clean. Our hunters enjoy 2 comfortable 14×17 canvas wall sleep tents with standing room, a table and chair, a wood stove stocked with cut wood, and fires built each morning. Large XL Outfitter cots from Cabela’s are complete with foam mattresses, large sleeping bags, pillows, and bed liners. There are 3 other sleep tents which house the Elk Hunting Guides, the Wilderness Hunting camp cook, and the camp tender.

The Cook Tent is a huge 18×23 canvas wall tent that houses a wood cook stove and a propane stove (which is seldom used), each with an oven. This is where the magic happens. The 12-person dining table is the perfect place to gather, trade stories, and get to know one another. With cold and hot running water, our wilderness hunting camp is always clean and well maintained to ensure health and safety of our Elk Hunters.

Food always tastes better in the wilderness—especially when it is cooked for you, for that matter! Our hunting camp offers traditional home cooked meals that are hearty, mouth watering, and well received upon return from a long Montana Elk Hunt. Fresh baked breads and desserts accompany a full supper each night, and you’ll wake to the aroma of an abundant breakfast each morning. Lunch, which is eaten on the trail or at camp, is complimented by delicious homemade soups and cookies. And, whenever you find yourself in need of a quick pick-me-up, simply reach for a steaming hot cup of coffee, which is always available.

The bathroom tent, like any other bathroom, is kept clean and stocked with magazines. It is cozy and heated, has two seats, and many claim this as their favorite spot in camp. Don’t knock it ’til you try it! Also at the Wilderness Camp we offer a shower tent for your convenience.

We generally book groups of about five Elk Hunters, as this number ensures that each hunter can get the attention he or she needs from our Elk Hunting Guides. However, if your group consists of six people, we’ll be happy to accommodate your needs. Our hunting camp plans can house up to 6 hunters and one guide per hunter. Our cook and camp tender also spend the week in hunting camp.

Sage Peak Outfitters are Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana whose many years of experience and familiarity with the area ensures that we know where to find the best Montana Elk. With the help of our expert Elk Hunting Guides, we orchestrate the best Montana Elk Hunting Trips our clients have ever experienced. Browse our site to find out more about the Elk Hunting Gear you’ll need to bring with you to go Big Game Hunting in Montana, learn about Montana Elk Hunting Regulations, and familiarize yourself with the other services we offer, including Private Land Elk Hunting, Wilderness Hunting, Bow Hunting Elk, Mule Deer Guided Hunts, Whitetail Hunting in Western Montana, and even Antelope Montana hunts. Sage Peak Outfitters is one of the most respected Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with exhilarating Elk Hunts they’ve ever experienced. Browse the site or contact us today to learn more about Big Game Hunting in Montana with Sage Peak Outfitters!