Meet Our Guides

Kurt Puckett
(MT License #11224)
Owner/Outfitter (MT License #11224) of Sage Peak Outfitters, LLC and has been in the area since 1998. His horsemanship and packing skills match his energy and passion for Elk Hunting. Kurt is in camp throughout Hunting Season, and guides throughout the season. Be assured that you can expect a first class, quality Wilderness Hunt with Kurt. He strives to give each hunter personal attention based on their needs and experience! Please call to speak directly with Kurt about your Elk Hunt!
Josh Abbott
After spending the last ten years in Southwest Montana including hunting, guiding, and leading backcountry horseback trips, Josh is transitioning into managing the operations of Sage Peak Outfitters. His years spent as a horseback guide in Yellowstone National Park compliment his horsemanship skills while giving him a familiarity and confidence in the backcountry. Josh’s ambition for hunting and astute awareness of the outdoors, coupled with his ability to fit a hunt to the needs and abilities of each hunter, make him an excellent fit to take on this exciting role at Sage Peak and to continue the tradition of partnership with the Covered Wagon Ranch. Please call and talk to Josh about booking your next backcountry elk hunt!
Jeremiah Stephan
Started guiding elk hunts in New Mexico. He exudes comfort in the outdoors and confidence in his tracking abilities and wildlife senses. His experience in archery elk hunting, taking pack trips, and chasing mountain lions compliments his horsemanship skills. From starting colts to finishing them, his professionalism in the field has been an asset to the operation.
Ed Hake
The owner/operator of Canyon Adventures in Big Sky, Montana, and former owner/operator of Sage Peak Outfitters’ wilderness elk camp. Being raised in the Upper Gallatin Canyon near Big Sky gave him the opportunity to work under Vic Benson Sr. (founder of Sage Peak Outfitters’ Wilderness Hunting camp) and Vic Jr. With over 40 years of experience guiding elk hunters in the wilderness area, Ed is a wealth of information for those who join us in camp. His passion for this camp and the surrounding area are unmatched. His camp nickname, “Mountain Goat,” is well deserved as the terrain is well suited to his demeanor.
Mark Haynes
Growing up in the Gallatin Valley and riding a horse since he was 4 years old, Mark Haynes spent his summers in the wilderness of southwestern Montana, specifically Sage Creek. Having started to guide in 1987 in Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana, Mark has the confidence to relentlessly pursue his game. Between stints on the U.S. Ski Team, commercial fishing in Alaska, and making beer for Sierra Nevada Brewery, he has been coming back to Montana to pursue his fall passion of chasing down rutting Montana elk. Mark exudes experience, patience, and passion for the wilderness.
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts grew up hunting whitetail in southern Ohio at a very young age. Harvesting his first buck at age 9 he was hooked. He began hunting black bear and Russian boar in North Carolina until he was introduced to elk hunting in 2006. Brian and his father made several trip into the flat tops wilderness area in Colorado, having great success. In 2011 Brian moved to Montana and began guiding wilderness pack trips and elk hunters. His horsemanship skills is one of Brian's other talents he has had from a young age. The passion and determination that Brian has for hunting in the wilderness makes him an excellent addition to Sage Peak Outfitters.
Keaton Mares
Growing up originally in Northern Wisconsin, Keaton first honed his skills hunting whitetail. He comes from a long line of outdoor enthusiasts. His grandfather was a professional big game hunter, and his father guided elk hunts and packed in Wyoming for years. These men passed down their knowledge and their appreciation for the outdoors. Keaton is a passionate horseman, farrier, and packer. He has been working in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness and Custer Gallatin National Forest since 2012, learning the territory and the wildlife. A quiet, easygoing demeanor makes him a consummate guide for all experience levels. With Keaton, any hunter gains a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the wilderness.
Crayton Campbell
Crayton was born and raised in East Tennessee riding horses and hunting. He grew up chasing whitetails, ducks, and turkeys all over the southeast. His passion has always been in the woods hunting and interacting with wildlife. There was nothing more exciting to him than hitting the right call to lock up a pair of ducks or make a turkey strut right into range. The call and response interaction is what made me fall in love with elk hunting in Montana. Seeing a bugling bull charge into range is why he loves to guide hunters and share that experience. Crayton says, “Guiding elk hunters on horseback in country that I’ve have ridden so much, is just one more perk of the job!”
Chuck Meehan
Chuck is a Montana native and grew up in Sydney, Montana hunting and fishing. He graduated with a degree in Animal Science from Montana State. His demeanor and quiet nature make him great with horse and a prodigious hunter and is passionate about archery hunting. He loves all kinds of hunting from Mountain Lions to Elk if there is a season for it he is out there!
Austin Stevens
Austin Stevens grew up in southern Ohio hunting big Whitetail, waterfowl, and any animal that was in season. From a very young age Austin was passionate about hunting and the outdoors. The love that he has for the sport of hunting is what drives him to do the best job possible in any situation. Austin moved to Montana in 2012 and quickly fell in love with Elk Hunting and has been guiding elk for Sage Peak ever since. His love for out west, the sport of hunting and patience is what makes him fit so well into the wilderness hunting.
Trae McInroe
Growing up in Washington, Trae has acquired a lifetime of deer and elk hunting experience. He also spent 4 years in the backcountry of Yellowstone National Park as a horseback tour guide. Trae’s horse experience and hunting knowledge gives him a confidence in the woods that will make every guest comfortable. With a military background, Trae is willing to put in the miles and spend long hours to make your hunt successful.
Clint Malikowski
Growing up on a small horse farm and chasing whitetail, turkey, and waterfowl throughout the Midwest, Clint truly feels at home in the wilderness and enjoys the chase as much as the harvest. Having experience guiding and commercial fishing, Clint enjoys interacting with his clients to determine and deliver on the most enjoyable client experience possible.
Brittany Martello
Brittney was born and raised in Montana and will forever call Montana home. She settled in the Gallatin Valley after Graduating from Montana State in 2011 with an Exercise Science Degree. She owns a CrossFit gym in Bozeman and spends her free time enjoying everything Montana has to offer. She had developed a true love for hunting and enjoys sharing her passion for Bow hunting elk with others. She has embraced the challenge wilderness hunting creates and takes pride in her ability to tailor hunts to the client.

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