Meet the Owners & Learn the History

We are delighted to have this opportunity to welcome you to Sage Peak Outfitters. We are extremely blessed to have owned the business for 10 years and been involved in it for almost 20 years. Vick Bensen started the Covered Wagon Ranch in 1925 he put the hunting wilderness camp in 1927 where it still sits today. In the early 1980’s the permits split becoming Covered Wagon Ranch-Guest Ranch and Covered Wagon Outfitters-Outfitting. Ed Hake took over the hunting and Will King took over the guest ranch. In the early 2000’s Ed passed over the business, Covered Wagon Outfitters to Dennis Alverson who Kurt bought the business from in 2005. The business name then changed names to what it is today, Sage Peak Outfitters. In 2009 Kurt approached the Sitz and Rice ranch to lease their ranches for Private Ranch Hunts. Upon agreement we started leasing the 40,000 acres for Private Ranch hunts in addition to our Wilderness Hunts. Kurt had been at the Covered Wagon Ranch since 1998 and in 2013, we had the opportunity to buy the Covered Wagon Ranch (guest ranch). For the first time since the early 80’s the two businesses were owned by the same people and definitely work hand in hand with one another! It is our goal to maintain the legacy left behind from the Bensen Family, Ed Hake and Dennis Alverson.

I (Melissa) am a native Montana girl. My family has been farming and ranching in central Montana since the early 1900’s. Montana and the country are all I know. I attended college in Montana, and after graduating I decided I didn’t want to leave Montana. My family is avid hunters and fishermen. I grew up hunting and tagged along with my brother at a very young age. I harvested my first buck when I was 12 years old and my bull elk, when I was eight months pregnant, now calls home in our main lodge.

Kurt grew up on a farm in Georgia hunting deer, turkey, and pretty much anything he was able to. He moved out west in 1998 and never left. His passion for the outdoors, archery and love for horses makes Sage Creek a perfect match for him. He knows the area extremely well and is a great horseman and guide with a large personality.

In January of 2014 Braxton was welcomed into this world. He has been in and out of our wilderness camp since he was 7 months old. His love for animals and horses make this a great place for him to call home!
We have had the opportunity to learn this country and the hunting business very well. We believe we ride and hunt in some of the most beautiful country put on this earth, and we are humbled to call it our home. We couldn’t be happier to be your hosts. We hope you enjoy it as much we do.

Kurt Melissa & Braxton
“The Puckett’s”