Private Ranch Hunts

Sage Peak Outfitters in Montana offers private land guided Elk hunts, Whitetail and Mule Deer Hunts, and Antelope Montana hunts on highly coveted private hunting ranches. This is an exclusive big game hunt for  rifle hunting enthusiasts who are looking to be the only hunters on 40,000 expansive acres of prime Hunting in Montana land nestled against the Tobacco Root Mountains. Sage Peak Outfitters holds one of the premier hunting leases in Montana. We insist on operating on a one-on-one Hunter to Hunting Guide ratio to ensure personal attention and happy hunters.

Since your accommodations include a private Montana Hunting Cabin on the hunting property, there is no motel to travel to and from. Be prepared to hunt the abundant resident wildlife populations when you and your personal Montana Hunting Guide step out the front door. We offer Montana Elk Hunts, Mule Deer  and Whitetail Hunts and Antelope Montana hunting guides on our hunting leases in Montana.

This Big Game Hunting in Montana trip is personally tailored to your needs. Your hunting guide is there to direct you into the company of wildlife to accelerate your Montana hunting experience. While Hunting in Montana, you might leave on foot, 4×4, vehicle or a combination thereof.

Hot, hardy, home-cooked meals are prepared for you in your Montana Hunting Cabin; just because you’re hunting doesn’t mean you go hungry! We provide full meals with every day of your Montana Elk Hunt—morning, noon, and night.

Rifle Hunting Dates:

Last week of October thru November.

This Big Game Hunting in Montana trip is a 5-day hunt, 6-day package with travel. Elk Hunters arrive on a Friday and depart on the following Thursday. The Elk Hunt will begin Saturday morning and run through Wednesday evening. For more on what to expect while Private Land Elk Hunting, read more about the accommodations we provide for our Elk Hunters.

Get the Picture of a Private Ranch Hunt: A Week’s Itinerary

  • Afternoon Arrival
  • Meet your Guides
  • Hunt Area Orientation
  • Sight in Rifle
  • Supper
  • Breakfast
  • Go Hunt
  • Lunch
  • Go Hunt
  • Supper
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Departure

We accept only 3 hunters per week on this exclusive private ranch hunt. By keeping our hunter numbers low, it allows us to cater to each individual hunter’s needs. From the time you book a trip with us to the time your hunt ends, our Elk Hunting Guides will take time to learn about you and to offer personal attention.

Because this is private Montana property, the elusive success rate numbers certainly go up. This is property which has not been exploited by hunter pressure. As a result, animals harvested tend to be mature, trophy big game animals. You can expect to hunt resident and migratory herds of Montana Elk depending on the time of year. Anyone Big Game Hunting in Montana in this particular area has the potential to harvest up to 5 animals including Rocky Mountain Elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, and Antelope Montana. As conscientious Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana, we always follow Montana Elk Hunting Regulations, and each of our Elk Hunting Guides has the proper Elk Hunting License Montana.

Sage Peak Outfitters offers exclusive Private Land Elk Hunting, Whitetail Hunting Western Montana, Mule Deer Guided Hunts, and Antelope Montana hunts. Rifle hunters and those that prefer Archery Elk Hunting have unlimited access with one Hunting Guide Montana per hunter on 40,000 acres of coveted Big Game Hunting in Montana land.

Our hunters are provided with a cozy, secluded Montana Hunting Cabin, home cooked meals, and personal Elk Hunting Guides. A limit of three archery hunters or rifle hunters per week makes this a highly sought after Montana Elk Hunt. We allow flexibility to our hunting clients by offering hunts via foot and 4×4 accessible areas.

By taking advantage of Montana outfitters with hunting leases in Montana, hunters of virtually any medical condition or accessibility issue are able to enjoy the full experience of authentic Hunting in Montana. Due to the hunting ranch’s terrain, the location of the Montana Hunting Cabins, and the use of 4×4 vehicles to easily access hunting areas, Private Land Elk Hunting is possible for any hunting enthusiast.

When you choose to hunt with Sage Peak Outfitters, you become part of the family. We want our hunters to experience the best Hunting in Montana and grow to love it as we have. Our hunters enjoy camaraderie while sitting around the evening campfire at the Montana Hunting Cabin and reminiscing about fun and successful Montana Elk Hunting Trips. We provide our clients with some of the Elk Hunting Gear they’ll need, in addition to offering comfortable accommodations, personal attention, and expert advice. To learn more about the different services we offer, simply browse our site or contact us to learn more about the Guided Elk Hunting and other kinds of Hunting in Montana that we have to offer.