Tour Camp

When you arrive in camp, you’ll find a well maintained, comfortable backcountry camp.

There are 2 wall tents which accommodate up to 6 hunters and each has standing room, a woodstove, large firm cots, large Cabelas sleeping bags with liners, are dry, roomy and warm. Each tent in camp has a mesh flooring which is easy to keep clean and protects the wilderness ground it occupies. The guides, cook, and camp tender sleep in their own tents. Our cook tent is a giant, 18×23 tent, complete with running hot and cold water, two cook stoves, a 12 person dining table and a cook that can assure you of some of the best back-country cooking around!

Hearty traditional home cooked dinners, and desserts are prepared each night. A bountiful breakfast is ready for you when you wake up. Lunch is packed each morning and eaten on the trail, or at camp accompanied by a hot bowl of home-cooked soup. And, of course, the coffee is always on.

We can accommodate up to 6 hunters in camp and in our hunting area. Five hunters is a comfortable number, but if your hunting party is a group of 6, we say “the more, the merrier!” One guide per hunter, our cook, and camp tender are also in camp.

The bathroom tent is kept clean, is cozy, heated, and has two seats!