Rifle Elk Hunting

With plenty of native elk still in the area, just add a little weather and see a mix of migratory elk from Yellowstone Park and the native herd. Our area is set in a major migratory pattern for Yellowstone Park elk on their way to winter range. This combination can make a rifle hunters’ dream come true.

Some techniques we use during rifle season are spotting, stalking, glassing, sitting meadows and heavily used areas.

Situated nine miles into the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area, adjacent to Yellowstone Park, Sage Peak Outfitters obtains the only over-night use permit in this area. Our camp is 7800 feet in elevation, and we hunt up to 10,000 feet and as low as 6000 feet. A maximum of 6 Elk Hunters per week during rifle season is our limit in our Wilderness Camp and 2-3 Elk Hunters per week on our Private Ranch.

Please call or email us to find out more about our private rifle hunts available.

All hunts include in-field care of game.

General rifle season runs October and November.

All elk tags and deer tags must be applied for individually, please contact Josh about purchasing preference points to ensure you get the tag you desire.

Sage Creek : $8500 for 2-1; $10,000 for 1-1

6 days, 6 nights; Wilderness Horseback Rifle elk hunt. Opening week of rifle is a total 9 day package with travel.

Rifle Equipment

Sighting-in & Rifles Zero your rifle in at 200yds, or 3′ high at 100yds depending on your rifle. Your goal should be to shoot a 2″ group at 100yds consistently. Our average shots are 200yds with some shots exceeding 350yds. Know your bullet drop at ...