Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you should ask:

  • Is this a horseback hunt or 4×4 spot, stalk hunt?
  • What are the meals and accommodations like?
  • Is this one guide per hunter or 1 guide per two hunters?
  • What are my options with the meat?
  • Overnight from meat processor, if you drive can I bring cooler? can I fly it?

Am I guaranteed an elk if I book with you?

No, we do not guarantee anyone an elk. The only people that can guarantee you an elk would be in a high fenced area. We will do our best to get you into elk and give you the opportunity to harvest one while providing wonderful meals, a great place to stay, top notch guides and surefooted safe horses (if in the wilderness camp). Success also largely depends on the hunters physical shape and shooting ability.

What is your success rate?

Loaded question. Taking a bull in the wilderness under fair chase is one of the most challenging trophies in North America. The area we hunt is blessed with a large resident herd and migratory elk from Yellowstone National Park. Best of both worlds. Normally every day our hunters will see elk and during the week have a few chances at a legal bull. Some weeks we have 4 out of five bulls harvested other weeks we might not harvest any. We are in a trophy-managed district and can only harvest mature bulls.

How much is a non-hunting companion?

In our backcountry camp we can accommodate up to 6 hunters comfortably. If you are looking to bring a non-hunting companion a lodge style hunt might be better; however, if there is room we will book a non-hunter for the price of $2500. This depends strictly on availability. Please call for more information.

Do you offer group discounts?

We work equally as hard for all our hunters. The rate is the same for everyone. We can assure that you will receive respect, professionalism, and great accommodations.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Yes, it is highly recommended and majority of clients do purchase travel insurance. For more information, click here.

If I wound an animal during the hunt and can’t retrieve it do I keep hunting?

Hunters will not shoot at another animal after they have already hit one (rightly so). See also Rifle Equipment, Sighting In

I was told if I wear panty hose I won’t get saddle sore?

Just make sure they are the black lace with white frills!! Yes, it has been said that panty hoses help with being sore from the saddle. The ride into camp is the longest time you will be in the saddle and the most forgiving. The rest of the time you are usually only in the saddle and hour maybe two at most. All the stock is used year round and are sound mountain horses. Most carry grandparents and children in the summer. Most all of our saddles are custom made which will also help with being sore. They also have scabbards and saddle bags on them.

Licensing Questions

Do we apply as a party?

The license is applied for online. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. The deadline is March 15th. Josh will be in touch with you prior to this date to go over the necessary steps in order to obtain your license.

What is the ALS#

The ALS# is your birth date plus a two digit number that is assigned to you. If you have not hunted or fished in Montana after 2001 you will be assigned the last two digits.

Archery stamp?

In Montana to hunt archery you must have EITHER a previous years archery license from any state or an IBED bow hunter education course. After you receive your license you can purchase your archery stamp on-line. It is around 10 bucks.

Please feel free to ask any further questions; there is never a stupid question to ask.