This is the real deal. Our Wilderness Hunts are the authentic Montana Elk Hunting experiences for which every passionate hunter’s soul yearns.

Situated 9 miles into the wilderness, adjacent to Yellowstone Park, in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area, Sage Peak Outfitters holds the only overnight use permit in this area. Our Wilderness Hunting camp sits at 7,800 feet in elevation; we hunt Montana Elk up to 10,000 feet and as low as 6,000 feet. We operate solely on a one-on-one hunter/guide ratio.

Elk Hunting Archery

Elk Hunting Archery with respected Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana is one of the most thrilling experiences any Montana Elk Hunter will ever have.

Hunting with passionate Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana during Elk Hunting Archery season is similar to turkey hunting a spring gobbler. That Bugling Elk standing 15 to 50 yards away could just as easily be a massive turkey! This exhilarating experience requires that hunters demonstrate the utmost in self-control, as each one must be prepared to calm tingling nerves, draw back his or her bow, and arrive in the moment steady for a good, ethical shot!

Elk Hunting Archery is the most action-packed Guided Horseback Elk Hunt that we offer, as most of those Bow Hunting Elk will see these majestic creatures every day of their hunts. Our Guided Elk Hunting service provides seasoned Elk Hunting Guides whose dedication, experience, and fervor set the stage for the best Elk Hunting Archery imaginable. If you’ve ever wanted to learn the art of Elk Hunting Strategies such as cow calling, bugling, sitting wallows and game trails, and stalking, this is your chance. Our experienced Elk Hunting Guides can help you learn these techniques and more during the Guided Horseback Elk Hunt trips we offer.

Montana’s Archery Elk Hunting Season Dates

Early September through mid-October

One of the best times to Elk Hunt Montana is when bulls are “in rut,” or trying to find mates. Their numbers are usually more concentrated during this time which tends to fall toward the middle of Montana Hunting Season. In Montana’s spectacular Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area, you’ll find not only a large population of resident elk, but also Montana Elk who are migrating from nearby Yellowstone Park.

During archery season, we limit 5 hunters per week, and could accommodate a full group of 6. Each Elk Hunter must show proof of having completed an Archery Hunters’ Safety course or a previous bow hunting permit from his or her home state in order to obtain a Montana Archery permit. It is easy and convenient to apply for a Hunting License Online.

Rifle Hunting Elk

That perfect Hunting in Montana weather and the mixture of native herds and Yellowstone Park’s migratory population combine to create an unforgettable Wilderness Hunting experience during rifle hunting season. Ideally situated in a major migratory pattern for the Yellowstone Elk Herd, this area could not be better suited to rifle hunting for Montana Elk. During one of these guided Elk Hunting Trips, our Elk Hunting Guides will demonstrate effective Elk Hunting Strategies like stalking, spotting, glassing, and sitting meadows in heavily used areas. Remember to arrive prepared for your hunt. Read about Hunter’s Rifle Marksmanship and practice, practice, practice to increase your own chances at a successful harvest and show your advocacy for Ethical Hunting.

A maximum of 6 Elk Hunters per week during rifle season is our limit.

General Rifle Hunting Season Dates

late October to late November

Wilderness Moose Hunts and Goat Hunts

Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area Moose and Goat tags in our FWP unit (Moose 307, Goat 362) are on a draw system and are not guaranteed. We provide archery moose guide services as well as rifle guide services. Mountain goat hunting services for hunters who have drawn these tags are also available. Typically, hunters prefer to hunt mountain goats when they get a good thick coat of soft, white fur later in Montana’s General season. There is a 100% success rate for mountain goat hunts in the wilderness area.

As respected Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana, Sage Peak Outfitters offers a variety of services to our clients. Browse our site to learn more about the Big Game Hunting in Montana and Private Land Elk Hunting we provide. We have information on Montana Elk Hunting Regulations, and have provided a handy list of the Elk Hunting Gear we provide to our clients. For the best Guided Elk Hunting, Montana Whitetail Hunting, Guided Mule Deer Hunts, and so much more, trust Sage Peak Outfitters.

Archery Elk Hunting

We have several options available for archery elk hunting. If you are interested in packing in to the Wilderness or staying in comfortable cabins. With several private and public hunting options we will assist you in your hunting success.All hunts...

Preparing for Archery Season in Southwest Montana

Physical Condition & Typical Shots Intercepting, shadowing and using calls can be strenuous work. Being healthy and physically fit will increase your odds greatly during archery season. We recommend that our hunters start building, strength and...

Elk Hunting Itinerary

Whether you arrive by plane or car, you will be greeted by Josh or Amanda, or one of our trusted crew members. On the Friday of your arrival, you will stay at the 320 guest ranch and treated to a hardy meal. It is here that you will become acquainted wit...

Our Rates / Cancellation Policy

All-Inclusive Hunting Packages Sage Peak Outfitters are trusted Elk Hunting Outfitters in Montana who offer Guided Elk Hunting and other types of Big Game Hunting in Montana:Each hunter has his or her own Montana Hunting Guide Meals and lodging...

Private Ranch Hunts

Sage Peak Outfitters in Montana offers private land elk hunting, Whitetail Hunting Western Montana, Guided Mule Deer Hunts, and Antelope Montana hunts on highly coveted private hunting ranches. This is an exclusive big game hunt for Archery Elk Hunting...

Rifle Elk Hunting

With plenty of native elk still in the area, just add a little weather and see a mix of migratory elk from Yellowstone Park and the native herd. Our area is set in a major migratory pattern for Park elk on their way to winter range. This combination can...

Rifle Equipment

Sighting-in & Rifles Zero your rifle in at 200yds, or 3′ high at 100yds depending on your rifle. Your goal should be to shoot a 2″ group at 100yds consistently. Our average shots are 200yds with some shots exceeding 350yds. Know your bullet dro...
Summer Pack Trips

Summer Pack Trips

Summer Wilderness Pack Trips Summer Pack Trips in the wilderness are available July 15th until the end of August. An experienced guide will take you on Day Rides from Camp that would otherwise be inaccessible in a day’s time. Our camp is an easy day r...

Tour Camp

When you arrive in camp, you’ll find a well maintained, comfortable backcountry camp.There are 2 wall tents which accommodate up to 6 hunters and each has standing room, a woodstove, large firm cots, large Cabelas sleeping bags with liners, are d...