Archery Elk Hunting

With Sage Peak Outfitters Archery Elk Hunts, you will experience a high quality back country horseback hunt from our remote wilderness camp.

All hunts include in-field care of game, personal service.

Private Hunts

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Sage Creek Wilderness Archery Hunt : $9000

This is a six day, five night elk hunt package in our remote wilderness hunting camp. Total eight day package with travel.

Archery Elk Hunts

This is by far the most exhilarating outdoor experience a bow hunter can enjoy! Hunting bull elk in rut could be compared to turkey hunting. Those that have experienced hunting a spring gobbler could say that bugling elk are like hunting 800 pound turkeys! It is a thrill to say the least! Dedicated deer hunters must arrive prepared for the anticipation of a bull elk standing 15 to 50 yards away (bugling his head off)…attempt to calm nerves and draw back your bow!

Archery hunters see the most action. It is not uncommon for our bow hunters to be in elk everyday of their hunt. Our guides’ passion for archery hunting, enthusiasm for the sport, and expertise in the field, makes archery hunting with Sage Peak Outfitters one of the most exciting and enjoyable hunts possible. Some techniques we use during archery season are bugling, cow calling, sitting wallows and game trails, and stalking.

Archery season usually runs from the first Saturday in September through the first week in October. Situated nine miles into the wilderness, an archery hunter can expect not only resident bulls, but also the possibility of roaming bulls from Yellowstone Park. Adjacent to Yellowstone Park, in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area, Sage Peak Outfitters holds the only over-night use permit in this area. Our camp is 7800 feet in elevation, and we hunt up to 10,000 feet and as low as 6000 feet. We limit 5 hunters per week during archery season, and could accommodate a group of 6. We operate on a one on one hunter/guide ratio.

Preparing for Archery Season in Southwest Montana

Physical Condition & Typical Shots Intercepting, shadowing and using calls can be strenuous work. Being healthy and physically fit will increase your odds greatly during archery season. We recommend that our hunters start building, strength and stamina...