A Letter from Curtis Derick

Kurt and Rebecca,

Its already been a month and a half since my adventure out west. I just want to thank you both for the fantastic, friendly service, friendship, and hunting I experienced on my trip. I also want to thank Ben, Jeramiah, Ed, Jess, Chelsea, Astrid, Pete, Joe, and Gilbert for the work they put in, and the enjoyable company and knowledge.

At this moment I am entrenched in the whitetail rut here at home, buck fever is running through my blood, my mind doesn’t wander far from the stand in the hardwoods… but, I must say, the bugle of a bull elk sneaks in to my thoughts. The mountains and meadows, full of wildlife not to be found back east, are something I won’t soon forget… and hope to experience again someday.  Even after missing clean that trophy elk (sshhhh….), I was not overly disappointed, as I knew what I had just done was something special. Not many get to hunt this majestic animal, fewer get to stalk that close, undetected, to God’s finest. I was fortunate to have such a finely skilled guide, who worked us in to many encounters; and just an evening later I connected.

The experience was more than I had hoped for. Two hour horse back rides in the dark, the bugles, the stalks, sneaky Pete, being so close so many times, then the triumph (and yes, that did cause me to hug a guy). I can’t forget the hot shower, fine naps, camp life, catch-phrase and fine meals all-around!

When we rode in to camp, packing my elk, the warm welcome and helping hands I recieved, made me realize I share that elk and memories with all of those involved, that week, at Sage Peak Outfiters!

Your Friend,

p.s. The meat is in my freezer, he doesn’t taste half bad for an old fella. I find the taste more desiarable than venison.

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