elk hunting montana

Montana Moose Hunting

When most people think of hunting in Montana, they often think of elk hunting, not moose hunting. Well, time to think again. Sage Peak Outfitters offers moose and goat hunts on a draw system. For more information, call us today, 406-581-8303. We would love to bring you along and let you experience firsthand a Montana […]

elk hunting montana

Montana Hunting Guides

When it comes to finding an outfitter with the right hunting guides, you have your work cut out for you; or at least, it could seem that way. Many probably worry whether they’ll clash with their guide, if he/she is going to be all that helpful and dedicated, or if he/she will be over the […]

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Montana Elk Outfitters

Our Montana elk outfitters provide the best elk hunting around. Just ask any of our past hunters, or let our photo gallery speak for itself. If you want your money’s worth, look no further than Sage Peak Outfitters, where dependability and the wilderness collide. Our hunts combine picturesque landscapes, a beautiful, massive creature, tactic, and […]

elk hunting montana

Montana Elk Hunting Trips

Montana elk hunting… there’s nothing else like it. Once you’ve been, you’ll be dying for the chance to do it again and again. Hunting elk isn’t for the impatient, half-hearted hunters. It’s for those of you who live and breathe the fresh air, the wild chase, the tactics, and the surge of energy and emotions […]

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Montana Deer Hunting

The jury may be still out on where to find the best whitetail deer hunting in the country, but in our minds, it’s right here in Big Sky Country that we call home. Montana has perfect terrain, from valleys to massive mountains that both small and big game dwell on. You’ll have no problem finding […]

Montana Archery Elk Hunting

Are you ready for the hunt of your life, to spot the monster elk with your own eyes, hold your breath as you pull back the bow and steady your hand? Sage Peak Outfitters has the experience of a lifetime in store for you. We specialize in Montana archery elk hunting and would love the […]

Montana Antelope Hunts

Join Sage Peak Outfitters on one of our memorable antelope hunts in the Big Sky Country of Montana. No matter your age, experience, or budget, we have a hunt available for you. Maybe you’ve been on one of our infamous archery elk hunting excursions and are back for something new, or you’d like to take […]

Hunting in Montana

There’s nothing wrong with hunting on your own property or your neighbor’s, where you know your surroundings and how to get back. However, there’s also nothing wrong with taking it up a notch and making your favorite pastime a new and exciting adventure. That’s when you go hunting in Montana. Sage Peak Outfitters specializes in […]

Elk Hunting Trips in Montana

Ready to experience the rugged terrain of Montana, camp out in Big Sky Country, and come home with an elk the size of a small car (or close to it)? If so, and you’re searching for elk hunting trips in Montana, you’ve come to the right place. Sage Peak Outfitters specializes in Montana elk hunting, […]

Bow Hunting Montana

If you’ve archery hunted before, then you should have no problem bow hunting Montana. However, if you have next to zero percent accuracy or have never even drawn back a bow, this may not be the best package for you. In that case, we’d recommend you checking out our rifle hunt. Many people, even professionals, […]