A Series on Hunter’s Rifle Marksmanship

Sage Peak Outfitters would like to present Russ Dufresne, a Marine Scout/Sniper to teach us about Rifle Marksmanship for the ethical hunter: 
As a Marine Scout/Sniper I have a high degree of mastery of the skills of Marksmanship and can apply them consistently. That is really the key; consistency. Even though the situation or the firearm may change, the fundamentals of Marksmanship Training do not. There are many skills necessary to be a successful hunter, but mastery of Basic Rifle Marksmanship is essential. Mastery of an art simply means “mastery” of the fundamentals. Such a level of mastery will allow you to rely on your skill during a stressful situation rather than luck.

For a few years now, Kurt and I have been talking about Rifle Marksmanship for those who are mindful of Hunting Ethics. It is our hope that hunters who truly wish to be ethical will continually seek to improve their skills. Sage Peak Outfitters and I would like to offer a Hunter’s Rifle Marksmanship series for you. I will post weekly (or so) discussions of marksmanship principles so that you can build a marksmanship program for yourself to improve your skills. Our hope is that with these skills you will increase your success and continue to be an ethical hunter.

You may be thinking that as a Scout/Sniper, this guy must hunt with a tricked out Remington 700 with a $6000 scope, engaging animals at distances of 800 to 1000 yards. The truth is that I hunt with a Marlin 336 in .30-30 Winchester made in 1948 with open sights. Why? Because, it is the right tool for the job. I understand the rifle’s capabilities, the Ammo Ballistics, the animal that I am hunting, the terrain that I typically hunt in, and most importantly: my capabilities. As a result, it is an excellent choice. It is not the only choice, but a good choice for me.

The purpose of this series is to to teach Basic Rifle Marksmanship that you can use in the field and to help you define the right equipment for you.  Through this series, I would be happy to take specific questions and help you analyze any consistent problems that you may be struggling with.

Russ Dufresne

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