Big Game Hunting

If you’re up for the challenge of big game hunting in Montana, Sage Peak Outfitters would love to make it happen. We specialize in wilderness and private ranch hunts for big game of all kinds, including elk, moose, mule deer, whitetail, antelope, mountain goat, and bighorn sheep. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or someone who’s jumping in with both feet, we’ll guide you accordingly on a Montana hunting trip to remember.

Browse our various hunting options to see which one is most up your alley. From archery to rifle hunting, for 8 days or one night, there’s a suitable arrangement for you. Come to Big Sky Country, no matter where you reside, and you’ll be attracted to more than just the game. Our setting is every outdoorsman’s dream. Not only is it ideal hunting ground, but it affords picturesque scenery that most see only through photographs. With one of our trips, you’ll get to experience it up close and personal.

While you’ll enjoy every bit of the environment, we know that’s not what’s really calling you out here. You don’t come to Montana on a hunting trip to take pictures of the mountains. In fact, the most important factor can’t be captured by a camera at all. It’s a fleeting adventure that takes off as quickly as it ends. It’s the feeling you get when you see him – the lone elk off in the distance. Your heart beating out of your chest, your breath escaping up into the air, and your muscles holding steady as you’ve trained them to do – this is what you desire, and this is what you’ll hold onto after. Some say a trophy is the end goal, and that may be true, but thinking back to those climactic moments can take you back just as well as the mount on your wall.

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