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Montana Moose Hunting

When most people think of hunting in Montana, they often think of elk hunting, not moose hunting. Well, time to think again. Sage Peak Outfitters offers moose and goat hunts on a draw system. For more information, call us today, 406-581-8303.

We would love to bring you along and let you experience firsthand a Montana moose hunting expedition. Moose hunting in Big Sky Country is a memory you’ll cherish forever. Don’t miss out – contact us for an opportunity that most only ever dream about.

Hunting various game isn’t like riding different bicycles. Just because you can successfully do one, doesn’t mean you’ll be a natural at the rest. Some hunters stick to one because that’s what they’re good at and have no interest in learning anything else. If what you’re used to isn’t enough, consider Montana moose hunting.

You’ll need a solid foundation – understanding of the sport and a developed set of skills, but our team and guides at Sage Peak Outfitters can assist you in the rest. Maybe you’ve always hunted mule deer or whitetail but want to branch out and see what moose or elk hunting is all about. We invite you to contact us with your questions and allow our professionals to help you decide what hunt fits you best. Not everyone is meant to be a hunter, but every hunter is meant to come along with Sage Peak Outfitters in Montana and experience an authentic wilderness hunt.

We look forward to guiding you through Montana’s beautiful terrain and sending you back home with a moose you’ll love to show off.

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