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Montana Elk Hunting Trips

Montana elk hunting… there’s nothing else like it. Once you’ve been, you’ll be dying for the chance to do it again and again. Hunting elk isn’t for the impatient, half-hearted hunters. It’s for those of you who live and breathe the fresh air, the wild chase, the tactics, and the surge of energy and emotions that go along with hunt. If you have the experience and determination to embark on an elk hunt with one of the best Montana elk outfitters, schedule your trip today.

Sage Peak Outfitters specializes in Montana elk hunting, archery hunting, and guided elk hunts. You may consider yourself a pro when you hunt whitetail deer with your friends in your woods, but throw yourself in the middle of unfamiliar territory up against an animal considerably larger than anything you’ve ever encountered before, and your confidence will most likely go out the window. That’s if you’re by yourself. When you book a guided hunt with one of our Montana hunting guides, you’ll feel comfortable, secure, and in control the entire time.

Our Montana archery elk hunting trips are both a customer and staff favorite. Our guides look forward to setting out with the hunters, knowing that it’ll be an adventure neither party will soon forget. Don’t wait – book a trip that many only dream about. You too can have the experience that you see through your TV screen on the hunting channel. Check out our rates, read about how to prepare, and call us with any questions or concerns. We are ready to take you out and show you Big Sky Country.

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