Montana Big Game Hunting

Whatever your idea is of Montana big game hunting, Sage Peak Outfitters is sure to offer it. We specialize in guided elk and moose hunts, along with mule deer, antelope, and more. Our territory in southwest Montana affords a diverse abundance of wildlife, and our hunters delight in the many opportunities to harvest food for their families and a trophy to serve as a reminder of the one-of-a-kind trip.

Whether you’re used to hunting white-tailed deer, maybe turkey, or you’re not really used to hunting, at all, that’s what is so great about outfitters like ours. We invite hunters of all skill levels to embark on a guided hunting trip – one that they’ll enjoy and attest was worth the time and energy. With your sight set on elk or moose, we would love to make it happen.

While it’s always a plus when you have a skillset to bring to the table, or hunting cabin, it’s not so much a necessity when using an outfitter. We say this because Sage Peak thrives off of hunting and knows that others do too. We want to extend this experience to as many hunters as we can, to share the fortunate adventure we call a lifestyle. Accordingly, we try not to put many limits on it; so contact us with any concerns, and we’ll ensure we recommend the most appropriate hunt for you.

With that being said, let it be known that big game hunting especially is no joke. It requires both physical and mental capabilities, from stamina to patience. Should you sit out if you’re lacking these attributes, no; but would you increase your chances of a successful shot by possessing them, most likely yes.

Our Montana big game hunting excursions take place in the wilderness and on our private ranch. Whichever you choose, you’ll spend six days (of an eight-day trip) immersed in an authentic pursuit of a lifetime, and one that you’ll never get over, even after the freezer is empty and the antlers are dusty. Thankfully, the memories last, and so does that action-packed moment when it all came to fruition.

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