Montana Elk Hunting

Are you an avid hunter with a love for the wilderness? Have you ever considered taking your sport up a notch, from your own backyard to the ideal terrain of Montana? The light of the moon will be your spotlight and a wild elk bugle your call, as you breathe in the scent of the crisp pines and firs and wait. Sage Peak Outfitters presents you with that opportunity. We specialize in Montana elk hunts, guided archery elk hunts, even Montana antelope hunting. Our professionals enjoy sharing their passion and expertise with our clients to ensure a rewarding and successful trip.

If you are wondering, ‘where should I hunt elk in Montana,’ let Sage Peak Outfitters show you the way. Most of our guides are natives to the area, while all of them have a keen familiarity with the territory, nonetheless, and the ability to help you find, track, and hunt your game of choice. Without going beyond reasonable expectations, we like to think our dependable experts can assist any hunter with a Montana trophy elk hunt or meet the hopes of someone looking for trophy whitetail deer hunts.

Not only can they help with the hunt, but our guides can also offer valuable knowledge, whether it’s about the animals themselves, such as the wolf impact on Montana elk, or tips of the trade. Each one is a wealth of information, so we invite you to pick their brains, and to allow them to enrich your experience and your future outlook on hunting. We want this to be a memorable trip for you, one that provides you with a mount for your den wall, practices to implement back home, and of course, stories to tell. You can put your faith in Sage Peak Outfitters to give you the best Montana elk hunting you’ve only ever dreamed about before.

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