Montana Elk Hunting Outfitters

Montana elk hunting outfitters are not necessarily few and far between, but they’re not all equal either. Sage Peak Outfitters strives to deliver unforgettable experiences for our hunters, and if we’re not the ideal fit for you, the individual success rate isn’t going to be very high. We want to be the right outfitter as much as you want to be the right hunter, but if our services don’t correspond with your expectations of a destination hunt, then we’re not going to be much value to you. We don’t say this to talk you out of hunting with us, but rather to ensure you that if/when we are your outfitter, we’ll be the best one for you.

Our establishment is situated in Gallatin Gateway, Montana, straight up from Yellowstone National Park. The land is beautiful, the wildlife is uninhibited, and the hunter is in his element (even when he’s completely out of it map-wise). We offer both private ranch and wilderness hunts in archery and rifle seasons, where hunters enjoy eight days of excitement and adventure. Your schedule includes plenty of free time for some much-needed, well-deserved naps, and hearty home-cooked meals, too.

Our hunts are as reminiscent as they can be of those of yester-year, where you’ll get a true taste of how simple and free it was. Every trip is centered on the great outdoors, and is meant to provide a well-rounded experience, both on and off the field. You use an outfitter with the expectation that it’ll make a big difference in your outcome. Sage Peak Outfitters strives to afford a greater impression on every aspect of the hunt, including the surrounding elements, as well.

Our hunters may come to our place in Big Sky Country to harvest a trophy elk, but they’ll take away much more than meat and antlers. As one of the premier Montana elk hunting outfitters, you’ll be in good hands with our guides.

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