elk hunting

Tim Hull

The most memorable experiences in life are shared with and often times created by good people. Kurt and Melissa Puckett create these experiences at Sage Peak Outfitters. Their uncompromising hospitality sets the stage for first class accommodations in a back country wilderness hunt. The camp is unlike anything you would expect nine miles into the Montana wilderness. It is well appointed with plenty of room, great food and an amazing staff of hardworking, friendly and knowledgeable guides.

The pursuit of a bull elk with a bow at 9000 feet in elevation is not an easy chore. It can be taxing on the mind, body and spirit. Kurt and his team of guides provide the opportunity for hunters to embrace these challenges in a manner which is both rewarding and fun. The areas hunted are very diverse with many opportunities to still hunt, spot and stalk or camp out on a wallow. This, coupled with a very healthy elk herd and plenty of trophy bulls gives you a variety of options every day.

As a graduate of Montana State University I learned that there is no place in this world quite like Montana. The land is breathtaking and unforgiving at the same time. The people are honest, kind and tough all at the same time. Kurt Puckett exemplifies this in every way. He is an experienced outdoorsman, ethical hunter, passionate horseman, and charismatic entrepreneur. But above all, he is a good person.

Sharing a backcountry wilderness archery hunt with Kurt and his crew at Sage Peak Outfitters is not only worth the money. It is worth the time to have the experience of a lifetime.

Tim Hull
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Wilderness Archery Hunt 2015

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