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Lee Callenback – Georgia

There are no words to describe the experience of this past week. After bow hunting with Sage Peak last year without my wife, I decided to book a rifle hunt this year and brought her to tag along. If you’ve never hunted the Montana Wilderness it is not easy, however I wouldn’t take anything for the memories that we made this week. It is definitely stories we will be telling our grand children. Sleeping in a tent in the Montana mountains with no phone no power along with some very innovative people who made it possible for us to eat great and have a hot shower was amazing. What we saw were some of the most beautiful places on earth that most people will never see in person. There were 5:00 am mornings and countless hours on horseback (often times in pitch dark) but watching the Montana snow fall sitting in a make shift blind, laying in the snow as 18 cow elk walk within 30 yards of you is nothing you could ever imagine. Zeta and Cheyenne (our assigned horses for the week) became our best friends at times especially when you are riding down terrain so steep they consider it a double black diamond. These horses never missed a beat. Yes this was an elk hunting trip in the Montana Wilderness but wow was it so much more. Sage Peak Outfitters (Kurt Puckett) gave us a week of memories that we will never forget. The cook the camp host and all the guides were amazing. Thanks again for everything. We will be back.

Lee Callenback-Georgia
Wilderness Archery 2014 Wilderness Rifle 2015

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