Wolf Impact On Montana Elk

The wolf impact on Montana elk is a concern for some local hunters, but no definitive answers have been shared. While the wolf population is growing and the elk population seems to be moving in the opposite direction, specifically with the calves, biologists and other wildlife professionals don’t feel confident enough in the findings, or lack there of, to make any decisions, at this time. At any rate, our prized elk herds are still what bring people to Montana, and Sage Peak Outfitters does what they can to facilitate authentic wildlife experiences.

As hunting guides and outfitters, we provide fair big game chases. Some of our specialties include guided mule deer hunts, guided archery elk hunts, and Montana antelope hunting. Moose and goat hunts are also available. While it may seem hypocritical to show interest in the wolf impact on Montana elk yet also hunt them ourselves, it is not. We as hunters and avid outdoorsmen have a passion and respect for the wilderness and its inhabitants. We do not take part in any unethical practices, and are mainly advocates for the animals and their land. We follow the rules and Montana elk hunting regulations set forth and have our own set of moral guidelines.

Montana elk hunting is such a cherished part of the region and the sport. Sage Peak Outfitters loves nothing more than embarking on Montana elk hunts and sharing them with others. Likewise, we would never do anything to jeopardize that opportunity, for us or anyone else. We recognize that in order to enjoy trophy elk hunts and trophy whitetail deer hunts, you need to also show a certain level of reverence. We pride ourselves on being honorable outdoorsmen who strive to pass on our love for Montana’s terrain, its animals, and the principled sport that we partake in. If you are interested in joining us for a memorable and rewarding expedition, call Sage Peak Outfitters today.

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