Montana Hunting Company

As a leading Montana hunting company, our hunting spots fill up fast, especially for our more popular hunts. Whether you book a trip for the upcoming season or two years in advance, it’ll be worth the wait. Until then, you’ll have plenty of preparing to do, all in good fun, of course. Actually, that’s a […]

Montana Guided Hunts

Sage Peak Outfitters offers authentic Montana guided hunts for hunters of all kinds. Our hunts are reminiscent of days of old and will give you a new perspective on every aspect of the chase. Whether you choose to hunt your favorite game of choice or something you’ve never pursued before, you’ll be in your glory […]

Montana Elk Hunting Outfitters

Montana elk hunting outfitters are not necessarily few and far between, but they’re not all equal either. Sage Peak Outfitters strives to deliver unforgettable experiences for our hunters, and if we’re not the ideal fit for you, the individual success rate isn’t going to be very high. We want to be the right outfitter as […]

Montana Elk Hunting Guides

If you’ve found us because you’re looking for Montana elk hunting guides, then look no further and reserve your spot for one of our upcoming expeditions. Sage Peak Outfitters offers expert guides whom you’ll be paired with one-on-one based on skill level and experience. It’s bound to be a relationship that develops both on and […]

Montana Big Game Hunting

Whatever your idea is of Montana big game hunting, Sage Peak Outfitters is sure to offer it. We specialize in guided elk and moose hunts, along with mule deer, antelope, and more. Our territory in southwest Montana affords a diverse abundance of wildlife, and our hunters delight in the many opportunities to harvest food for […]

Guided Elk Hunts

Did you know that many years ago elk roamed the eastern states? If that were still the case today, you may not have even found us; but here we are – Sage Peak Outfitters in Gallatin Gateway, Montana, inviting you to our Big Sky Country, where this uninhibited deer resides. For many hunters, guided elk […]

Guided Deer Hunts

Guided deer hunts are an option with Sage Peak Outfitters in Montana, including both white-tail and mule deer. You might question why someone would use an outfitter to go after game they could harvest in their back yard, but there are plenty of reasons to do so, even in this case, and very few reasons […]

Elk Hunting

For those who would love to harvest a nice elk, consider the inclusive service of Sage Peak Outfitters in Montana. Even those who have already embarked on a hunt on their own before and were successful can enjoy what we have to offer. The point of booking an elk hunting trip with an outfitter and […]

Elk Hunting Trips

It doesn’t matter much whether you’re new to hunting or you have many seasons and shots under your belt, elk hunting is an undertaking that doesn’t come easy. With its high barriers to entry, elk hunting trips aren’t for everyone, but fortunately, with outfitters in existence, many more hunters at least have the opportunity. If […]

Elk Hunting Outfitters

If you’re on the fence about the value of elk hunting outfitters and whether you’re a good candidate for using one, allow us to introduce ourselves and share with you a bit of our take. Granted, you could consider us biased, but at the same time, you can’t deny the realities. Sage Peak Outfitters is […]