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Bill Strange

Kurt, While most folks would likely rather forget their first attempts at elk hunting, mine was a resounding success. I was paired up with Trent Lister, a great guide who worked very well with the others in planning each day’s adventure. Another great match was Jake, a sure-footed, barrel-chested wilderness hunting horse, and yet gentle […]

What “Stage” of Hunting Are You In?

When two professors studied more than 1,000 hunters in the 1970s, the results proved extremely thought-provoking. Patterns emerged that showed every hunter goes through five stages during their hunting career, with everything from their intentions to how they judge a successful hunt evolving. This infographic from HuntingBoots.com shows what thought process is during each stage, and ultimately […]

With Turkey Season Arrives a New Hunter

I grew up in an itty-bitty town called Grayling in the upper part of lower Michigan. In Grayling we had the first day of deer season off from school so the boys could hunt with their fathers. The kill would be proudly displayed on the buck pole that arrived each fall. While I was not […]

Be Ready For Fall Hunting by Taking Your Hunter Safety Course

Communities across the nation are gearing up for hunting season and this means both new and seasoned hunters should inquire about hunting license and safety education requirements for their state. In many states, a hunter’s safety course is a requirement before a person can get a hunting license. Hunter education courses are packed with solid […]

Best Deer Hunting in Montana

While we may be biased as natives of the state, many visitors agree that you’ll find the best deer hunting in Montana. Montana whitetail hunting, in our region especially, offers some of the finest conditions around compared to the rest of the country. Paired with Sage Peak as your Montana elk hunting guides, you’ll have […]

Elk Hunting in Montana

For those who are on the fence about embarking on a hunting expedition this season, there is still some time. The new deadline is March 15 to apply for deer and elk permits. Even though hunters have less time to get the applications in than in years past, they will know the results earlier than […]

Montana Whitetail Hunting

Anyone who knows the state of Montana or the habitats of wildlife also knows that our state has plenty of big game species. With such great hunting opportunities, many embark on Montana hunting trips season after season in pursuit of tagging a trophy. Amongst these sought-after sports is Montana whitetail hunting. While whitetail deer, unlike […]

Mule Deer Hunts

If you are a student of the outdoors and stay up-to-date on what’s happening with our wildlife, you may be familiar with the concern for the decreasing population of mule deer in Montana. Though it has not been confirmed, the majority find this to be the doing of the copious wolf packs. As an attempt […]

Moose Hunting Montana

Moose hunting Montana is a respected activity, as is the big game itself. Weighing as much as 1200 pounds and typically sporting a remarkable set of antlers, moose are astonishing creatures. Montana’s terrain is home to a variety of animals, in addition to moose, including elk, whitetail deer, and mountain goats. Each of these breeds […]

Montana Hunting Trips

Sage Peak Outfitters offers the finest Montana hunting trips from small to big game. If you enjoy the outdoors and are looking for a new and fulfilling experience, embark on a unique vacation with elk hunting outfitters in Montana. Even if you’ve been on destination hunts in the past, nothing compares to what is in […]