Bow Hunting Montana

If you’ve archery hunted before, then you should have no problem bow hunting Montana. However, if you have next to zero percent accuracy or have never even drawn back a bow, this may not be the best package for you. In that case, we’d recommend you checking out our rifle hunt. Many people, even professionals, believe that bow hunting is much more difficult when it comes to shooting to kill, which is always the objective, especially at Sage Peak Outfitters, given our ethical standards.

Archers shoot within much closer ranges. Determining factors to take into account are individual ability, the bow and arrows themselves, weather and terrain, and of course the targeted game. When you book a bow hunting trip with Sage Peak in Montana, we consult with you on what will serve you best. It’s not that you necessarily need advice, but it’s what we’re here for.

Hunting is our profession and it’s our passion, be it archery or rifle, elk, antelope, moose, or mule deer. Combined, our staff has countless years of experience and we do this for a living. We respect our hunters and their knowledge, but we also offer our expertise. Whatever it is you expect from us, that’s what will strive to provide.

By the end of your trip, it’s our hope that you leave with a trophy, of course, but also, a story to tell of the great excursion, a newfound reverence for the sport itself, and at least one piece of information you didn’t know before you came. Yes, many focus on the end result, but it’s a learning experience, too. If you’re up for the challenge to bow hunt in Montana, call Sage Peak Outfitters today!

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