Montana Hunting

With new and improved ways to do everything, it’s easy to embrace the latest and the greatest and forget the ways of our ancestors. Likewise, we’re so quick to learn what’s new that we overlook thinking about whether it’s actually better. Fortunately, Montana hunting is one of the few unspoiled areas that stays true to its roots. At Sage Peak Outfitters, we look to the past to know how to hunt in the now. If you’re a fellow outdoorsman who cares about preserving the great outdoors, you’ll delight in our settlement in Gallatin Gateway, Montana.

Our guided hunting trips are available during archery and rifle seasons with plenty of game to chase. Antelope, goat, moose, elk, mule deer, and more – we’ll take you on a tour of Montana’s finest and help you harvest that trophy. We’re all about fair chase and run honorable practices through and through. We’re an outfitter who respects wildlife, hunting as a sport and as a lifestyle, and the hunter, along with the rules and regulations, which are in place for the benefit of all.

Whether you’re new to the action or have many shots to recount, we invite you to explore Montana hunting up close and personal with us. There are many advantages to coming on a trip, even beyond the potential for fresh meat on your table and an impressive mount on your wall – though these are pretty nice gains, are they not? Maybe you’ve forgotten how much you love the country; we’ll help you rekindle that feeling. Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve seen the world through your scope; we’ll help you find that old perspective. Maybe you haven’t done anything lately that has had your heart pounding the way that it does when you lay eyes on that monster buck; we’ll give you a fresh taste of that sensation again. It’s all a reservation away. Reserve your Montana hunting spot with Sage Peak Outfitters today.

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