Hunting Trip Insurance

I know.  I didn’t want to bring it up.  Truth is you don’t want it when you don’t need it, but you’re overwhelmed with thankfulness when you need it and have it to use.  Or, as a wise man once said, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”  So give it a thought.  Here are some reasons to live a little and go for it:

1.  When Mother Nature decides this isn’t the best time for you to go and delays are incurred on Guided Hunting Trips, you want to be able to recover the investment you made.

2.  Unforseen emergencies or medical evacuations can cut Elk Hunting Trips short and leave you with little to remember and little in your wallet.

3.  Belongings can be lost or broken in transit causing you to purchase new all new gear like  Archery Hunting Equipment, clothes, or rifles.

4.  In the event that something undesirable happened to the outfitter you booked with, an injury or death, your costs could be recovered completely.  Also, if the Hunting Outfitter you chose just decided not to operate and you couldn’t reach them, your costs would be recovered.  (Reputable Montana Trophy Outfitters would have contingency plans and find a way for you to hunt; but there are rogue outfitters about…beware.)

5.  Should the government ever decide that Hunting Regulations in Montana should change or become illegal in the area in which you are booked, you’ll be covered.

6.  Forced evacuations due to weather conditions such as forest fires could be disasterous to your Elk Hunting Trips’ experience and your bank account.

And as for the cons of purchasing insurance…well, I believe we’ve all had our fair share, so let’s focus on the positives.

Hunting Trip Insurance provided by Travel Guard is endorsed by Montana Outfitters and Guide Association.  You can visit Travel Guard’s website to get a quote.  What have you got to loose, just try it.

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