Montana Hunting Trip

Are you ready for a Montana hunting trip that will rock your world and give you a heightened appreciation for wildlife, the outdoors, and all things hunting? Are you ready to experience an authentic adventure that will be like nothing you’ve had before? Are you ready for the physical hurt, the impatience, the sweat, the shakes, and the ultimate gratification? Sage Peak Outfitters is ready, and invites you to reserve your spot for this quest today.

We’re situated in Gallatin Gateway, Montana, on beautiful hunting ground where antelope, moose, mule deer, and elk roam. Our guides know our land better than you know what and that’s not all. We train to be experts in all factors of hunting, which isn’t easy, but as you know, it’s invaluable. From weather conditions to migration patterns, we look at it all. We do this so we can afford others the same opportunities we have as local hunters ourselves.

Our hunters are typically from out of state, or at least not from our region, which means they have a disadvantage hunting here. The purpose of an outfitter like us is to not only eliminate that disadvantage but tip the scales the other way. Now, not to give you an unfair advantage either – because we’re all about fair and of course we want you to be the one to earn the trophy. By educating you, supporting you, and leading you in the right direction, we cultivate you into the best hunter you can be. What’s more, you’ll be able to take these newly learned skills home with you and apply them to your backwoods hunts.

Whether you book an archery elk hunt or a rifle hunt chasing mule deer, it will be a Montana hunting trip worth the wait, the time, the energy, and every penny. Prepare to arrive as you are and return as an authentic hunter with a new notch on your belt.

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