Montana Whitetail Hunting

Anyone who knows the state of Montana or the habitats of wildlife also knows that our state has plenty of big game species. With such great hunting opportunities, many embark on Montana hunting trips season after season in pursuit of tagging a trophy. Amongst these sought-after sports is Montana whitetail hunting.

While whitetail deer, unlike their much larger counterparts, are widespread throughout the nation, many hunters travel out west for a change of scenery and the thrill of a new experience. Sage Peak Outfitters makes that opportunity available to you. It is our passion and our profession to create encounters between our clients and the wildlife.

Unfortunately, whitetail deer have much bigger problems than most people realize. Whitetail deer is the number one prey of wolves in the northwestern part of Montana. Equally devastating, if not more, is the number of contagious diseases that these animals carry. Not much time goes by that there aren’t more and more outbreaks being identified.

The truth of the matter is, our hunting can actually alleviate this problem. Some evidence suggests that smaller herds tend to be healthier, while diseases tend to be prevalent in areas with large populations. Hunting serves as a way to regulate deer populations, and thus, with any luck, will contain the spreading of these diseases.

As Montana elk hunting outfitters, our team is comprised of outdoor enthusiasts who have high esteem for nature and its inhabitants. We do what we can to have a positive impact, and will play our part in ensuring that the whitetail deer thrive in our region.

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