Moose Hunting Montana

Moose hunting Montana is a respected activity, as is the big game itself. Weighing as much as 1200 pounds and typically sporting a remarkable set of antlers, moose are astonishing creatures. Montana’s terrain is home to a variety of animals, in addition to moose, including elk, whitetail deer, and mountain goats. Each of these breeds are in their prime habitat here in our region, which makes for exciting and successful hunts.

Our area is every hunters’ dream. With miles of ideal hunting grounds, an abundance of wildlife, an adequate climate, and the best Montana elk hunting outfitters, the conditions yield success.

When you add Sage Peak Outfitters to the equation, you are all set. We provide the total package with our Montana hunting trips: the finest most competent guides around, comfortable accommodations and appetizing meals, the perfect territory, and our team’s knowledge and experience. Not to mention, we like to top it off with a trophy to take home, in addition to the memories you’ll never forget.

CALL US TODAY, and we’ll set you up with one of our guaranteed guided moose hunts (or as guaranteed as they come!).

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