One on One Guiding

We want our hunters to leave happy; that’s why Sage Peak Outfitters soley offers 1 on 1 Hunting Guide Services.  If you are shopping around for Montana Trophy Outfitters, we recommend a 1 on 1 hunting experience instead of a 2 on 1 option.  You can skim some cost of Montana Elk Hunting Trips with the latter, but it’s likely to leave your feelings sore (even when hunting with a family member or good friend).  One hunter tends to be the lucky one…always in the right place at the right time…which can be discouraging to the other hunter on the same Guided Hunting Trips.

Another benefit of 1 on 1 guiding is that there is not anthother hunter to harvest an animal and take time out of your Hunting Trip which ultimately decreases your opportunity at a harvested animal and raises the cost of the hunt.

When you get down to it, the reason for chosing a 2 on 1 hunt is to save some money, right?  Cost is a deciding factor for any avid hunter shopping for Hunting Guide Services and your money is generally best spent on the things which make you happy.  This is the question you should continually be asking while shopping around:  On which trip would I gladly spend my hard-earned money?

Would you prefer to enjoy the experience of Guided Hunting Trips offered by reputable Montana Trophy Outfitters?  Or, are you willing to be the frustrated hunter and out thousands of dollars?  Chosing 1 on 1 Guided Hunting Trips is also another way to Increase Your Chance at a Successful Harvest.

We’ve noticed that the exception to our rule is when a parent and younger child are on a 2 on 1 hunt.  It can turn out to be a wonderful experience for all.  And this is the exception which would allow Sage Peak Outfitters to consider 2 on 1 Guided Hunting Trips.

Sage Peak Outfitters offers Affordable Hunting Trips  which are first class and include Wilderness Elk Hunts and Private Ranch Antelope Hunting as well as Elk Hunting Trips, Mule Deer and Whitetail Hunting Trips.  Our priority is to offer only the best Hunting Guide Services for our hunters.  Our general rule of thumb:  if we would be unhappy with the services we offered, then it’s not offered.

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