Photos of Harvested Animals 2010

We are very proud of all of our hunters this year!  We were lucky enough to have guided hunters who exhibited some of the most Ethical Hunting we’ve seen!  They walked away without a harvested animal by thier own choice and are therefore not in photos below.  This is really something for which to be respectful of and thankful for.  Until a hunter experiences this situation first hand, it cannot be described how difficult it is to let an animal within range, walk away!  As with every hunting season,  there were several hunters who chose to take unethical shots, they hiked about the mountains feeling heartbroken and falling short of their potential as a result…and now they know!

Featured below are the successfully harvested bull and Buck Photos by our hunters throughout the season.  Job well done fellas!

Scott Martin is from Montana and got this nice 5 point while Bowhunting Elk during Week 1 of Archery Season in our Wilderness hunting camp.  Kurt Puckett was his guide.

Curtis Derick (right) from New York with his guide, Ben Van Alstine, in this sweet Bull Elk Photo.  This was during Week 3 Archery Season.

Bill Strange of Texas shot his 5 point bull during Week 1 of the Elk Rifle Hunt.

Eduardo Lozano came from Mexico to hunt this very respectable 5 point bull with his rifle and Montana Hunting Guide, Jeremiah Stephan (left).

Troy Winterrowd (right) and his Deer Hunting Guide Montana, Sam Dyk, hunted during Week 5 of Archery Season on our private Ranch Hunts offered by Sage Peak Outfitters for the first time this year.

On our private Ranch Elk Hunts, Joe Mynar shot this awesome Elk Bull during the First Week of Rifle Season.

Johnny Mynar from Texas with Montana Hunting Guide, Trent Lister (left), got this great Mule Deer while on his Ranch Hunt.  First week of Rifle Season.

John Lacour of Louisiana shot this awesome Elk Bull on the Private Ranch Elk Hunts with his rifle and Montana Hunting Guide, Kurt Puckett, during Week 2 of Rifle Season.

Ben Deshotels (right) of Louisiana with Sam Dyk, his Deer Hunting Guide Montana, got his Mule Deer Buck during Week 2 on our private Ranch Hunts.

Ben Deshotels (right) also harvested an Elk Bull during his private land rifle Ranch Hunts.

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