Wilderness Hunting: Why?

Ahhh, the wilderness!  Take a deep breath and imagine yourself surrounded by moonlit mountains, the scent of crisp pines, spruces and firs, and the sound of a Wild Elk Bugle…this is how the masses experience the wilderness…through imagination.  That’s fine and dandy, but there is still opportunity for the Authentic Experience of a true western MT Hunt, the way it must have been back in the day.

Below are the findings of Bill Strange;  a three time repeat hunter during both archery and rifle seasons.  He is a capable hunter and a great reference for Sage Peak Outfitters.  Be sure to Contact Us to obtain our list of references

Back in the day, if a mountain man needed food, he gathered his pals, and readied the neccessities.  After Loading Pack Animals with tack and rifle or Bow Hunting Supplies for a week or two , they took off into wilderness, because that’s all there was. Back in the day, many people had the personal experience and wherewithal to function in the wilderness under adverse conditions, hunt effectively and pack out any harvested animals. They could tie knots we have forgotten, repair tack in a blizzard, hunt responsibly, and fend for themselves without trouble or complaint. Something has happened since ‘the day’ to allow most of us to reach a point where we could no longer function well in the wild, let alone make it a simple, straightforward, enjoyable trip. There is much terrain to know, horses and mules to mind, food to store and ration properly, weather to anticipate and manage, and a myriad of seemingly minor skills needed in the back country.
Nonetheless, many of us want to see for ourselves how it was done back in the day. We want to go where we simply cannot go; see and experience what nothing could prepare us for; do what we cannot do ourselves. Sage Peak Outfitters provides just the right link between the rigors of our civilized lives and the most isolated wilderness most of us could imagine. Kurt and Rebecca Puckett, owners of the MT Hunting Outfitters and guide service, have consistently delivered to their customers a taste of how things were done back in the day. There are wood stoves heating tents you might have seen on cattle drives in the 1800’s, sage advice on everything from Basic Survival Skills to weaponry to Wildlife Preservation, and amazing meals each day. All their horses are well trained, easy to ride, and well able to scale the most rigorous mountainsides. Those who prefer Archery Elk Hunts as well as Elk Rifle Hunt enthusiasts are treated to amazing stories from the very area where the hunts are conducted, sometimes by sage guides who have been affiliated with the operation for more than 30 years. Each Montana Field Guide is a highly qualified and motivated outdoorsman, with a deep love for backcountry hunting. And each will provide his hunter with an intangible asset, namely the confidence, self-assurance, and motivation to hunt the wilderness properly. One could hardly put a price on such an experience. It seems that with these Backcountry Outfitters, ‘back in the day’ is successfully doable after all.

Sage Peak Outfitters assists each booked hunter with obtaining the proper Hunting License Online, provides information on Montana’s regulations as well as howthe passage of  Montana I-161 will affect your hunting.  Feel free to call with questions!

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