Montana Mule Deer Hunting

Every hunter has that ‘hunt of a lifetime’ fantasy, including their favorite game, weapon of choice, and ideal location. For some, it’s elk hunting with a bow in Colorado, for others, it’s bear hunting with a rifle in Alaska, and for a select few, it’s Montana mule deer hunting with a 12 gauge. Sage Peak Outfitters offers a variety of hunts, and will be happy to provide you with your hunt of a lifetime.

Mule deer hunts can be quite a challenge, which is why many hunters choose to acquire the help of outfitters. This breed typically inhabits rugged and vast terrain, which makes for a potential setback; so it is key to be in good physical shape in order to cover a lot of ground. Our team knows how to scout the mule deer units each year and develop our hunting strategies accordingly, corresponding with the time of year and type of weapon our clients select.

Montana mule deer hunting is certainly one of our specialties, so let Sage Peak Outfitters share our expertise with you, and send you home with a trophy like the one shown below.


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