Gratuity – the Elephant in the Room

It seems uncomfortable to ask about what is appropriate for gratuity and how and when it should be arranged.  Well, let’s talk about it.

First, let’s be sure that we all know gratuity is very much appreciated, but never is expected.  It is ultimately up to the hunter to decide what and how much to give.  Whatever the amount, it is appreciated the same!

Second, as you well know, a Montana Field Guide works exceptional hard for their hunters during a wilderness Montana Hunt and Ranch Hunts.  They are all experienced, capable, and accommodating to the needs and wants of their clients.  In determining the success of a Montana Hunt, it is first and foremost appropriate to rate happiness with the overall experiece.  Because guides of Sage Peak Outfitters put just as much effort into getting a harvested animal for their client, the rate of success is determined only by the client.  Therefore, whether a hunter is successful with a harvested animal is a bonus to the hunter, not the guide.  It is the hunting experience from which to determine a meanful gesture of gratuitousness.

Third, Cooks and Camp Tenders should also be remembered, as they work diligently to provide you with hardy meals and clean, warm, dry accommodations.

These are our recommendations, to be taken as recommendations only:
Gratuity should be around 15% of the cost of the hunt for the guide, and around 5% to be split among camp tenders and camp cooks.

Remember that not all gratuity is monitary.  Sometimes it is supplemented by giving some harvest for Cooking Elk Meat, hunting knives, optics or other gifts which could be personalized and appreciated the same.

Usually gratuity is given at the end of the hunt.  It is not considered rude to interupt the individual to whom they would like to give, because there is a lot of work to be done at the end of Elk Hunting Trips.  Don’t be shy, there is always time for our hunters.

So consider the gratuity dialogue open.  If there are questions about any of these ideas feel free to contact us.  Also, think about contacting some past hunters who can give some insight from their experiences as well.  You can Contact Us for that information as well.

Sage Peak Outfitters offers hunting Antelope in Montana, Montnana Archery Mule Deer Hunting, and Montana Elk Hunts on private Ranch Hunts.  Hunting in the wilderness for Montana Elk is also an exhilerating experience for any avid hunter.  We offer information for Montana Hunting Licenses in our areas as well as a Hunting Gear List for your perusal.  Remember to peek at our Hunting Photo Gallery as well as 2010 Harvested Animal Photos.

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