Montana Whitetail Hunting

Anyone who knows the state of Montana or the habitats of wildlife also knows that our state has plenty of big game species. With such great hunting opportunities, many embark on Montana hunting trips season after season in pursuit of tagging a trophy. Amongst these sought-after sports is Montana whitetail hunting. While whitetail deer, unlike […]

Mule Deer Hunts

If you are a student of the outdoors and stay up-to-date on what’s happening with our wildlife, you may be familiar with the concern for the decreasing population of mule deer in Montana. Though it has not been confirmed, the majority find this to be the doing of the copious wolf packs. As an attempt […]

Moose Hunting Montana

Moose hunting Montana is a respected activity, as is the big game itself. Weighing as much as 1200 pounds and typically sporting a remarkable set of antlers, moose are astonishing creatures. Montana’s terrain is home to a variety of animals, in addition to moose, including elk, whitetail deer, and mountain goats. Each of these breeds […]

Montana Hunting Trips

Sage Peak Outfitters offers the finest Montana hunting trips from small to big game. If you enjoy the outdoors and are looking for a new and fulfilling experience, embark on a unique vacation with elk hunting outfitters in Montana. Even if you’ve been on destination hunts in the past, nothing compares to what is in […]

Guaranteed Guided Moose Hunts

Many hunters all across the country dream of having a quality big game hunt with Montana elk hunting outfitters, though far less actually get the opportunity to make this reality. Those who are after guaranteed guided moose hunts or mule deer hunts are not necessarily setting their sights too high, but it is important to […]

Archery Elk Hunting

For anyone considering booking an archery elk hunting trip with us, and would like some guidance on vital equipment and how to get ready, please take a look at our suggestions. Compound bows – there are several good bows on the market. Draw weights between 60 and 70 pounds are best for elk hunting. Bottom […]

Montana Elk Hunting Outfitters

Montana elk hunting outfitters serve a vital role, one that can’t be replaced. Even the most avid and skilled hunter can benefit from the assistance of a guide. That’s where Sage Peak Outfitters comes into play. We offer the finest Montana hunting trips around. Our team is built on passionate outdoorsmen who know the lay […]

Montana Elk Hunting Guides

Many in this profession find elk hunting to be the most challenging big game sport. Coincidentally, or not, it is also on the rise to be the most popular. Those who do not get the chance to hunt throughout the year, oftentimes decide to invest in and embark on one big hunt – normally a […]

Montana Archery Bull Elk Hunting

Montana archery bull elk hunting is a sought-after sport, especially here at Sage Peak Outfitters. Our bow hunting season runs from September through mid-October. During this period, we guide passionate hunters in the bugling season on exhilarating adventures – there isn’t anything like the sound of an elk call reverberating through the woods. Montana elk […]

Montana Mule Deer Hunting

Every hunter has that ‘hunt of a lifetime’ fantasy, including their favorite game, weapon of choice, and ideal location. For some, it’s elk hunting with a bow in Colorado, for others, it’s bear hunting with a rifle in Alaska, and for a select few, it’s Montana mule deer hunting with a 12 gauge. Sage Peak […]